Sherlock Holmes can read most people like a book, Molly included, but that doesn’t matter.  He knows her and he doesn’t need to be able to read her body language to know what she’s going to do.

And he does nothing to stop her.

Look at his face.  He expects it. He knows that he’s disappointed these people, these precious few that love him unconditionally, and he knows that they’ll lash out.  He could stop her.

And he could.  Easily.  Look what he did to Mycroft. But he doesn’t. He does nothing to stop her blows.

And Molly, sweet Molly, no longer stammers and begs for apologies to harsh words with her eyes. No, she demands them, out loud. She is furious.  And when she says ‘stop it,’ it’s not in response to his lashing out.

She means ‘stop this self destructive behavior.’

She means ‘look at all these people who love you.’

An East wind, indeed.

That slap is meant to get him to "wake up from what you’re doing, Sherlock!" and boy does he wake up. All salute Molly Hooper.

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